Department Roster

The following is a Department Roster that includes division/unit, title, name, and email address. To further understand how the department is organized please see the DEPARTMENT ORGANIZATIONAL CHART.

ADMINISTRATION            448-8800             

Chief Gary Smith      
Admin. Assistant Elizabeth Beraldi            


Captain Timothy Cohen                                    448-8800
Lieutenant Scott Rathburn                                448-8800                     
Lieutenant Stephen St. Louis                            442-6543
Lieutenant Richard Smolenski                          442-6508
Sergeant David Young                                      442-6551                         
Corporal Gerald Brown                                      442-1269
Corporal Grace Alden                                        442-6507
Corporal Jeffrey Perkins                                    442-6533                 
Senior Officer Gordon Cunningham                   442-6563
Senior Officer Anthony Bonnier                          442-6506
Senior Officer Jonathan Tracy (K9 Briggs)         442-6547
Senior Officer Jeremy Perkins  (K9 Max)           442-6534
Senior Officer Brady Harwood                            442-6521
Senior Officer Adam Leland                                442-6525
Senior Officer Nicholas Alden                             442-6502
Officer 1st Class Paul Gifford                              442-6560
Senior Officer Brett Quillia                                   442-6561
Officer 1st Class Callie Barrett                            442-6565
Officer 1st Class Bartlett Kapuscinski                 442-6503               
Officer Garrett Hubert                                          442-6564

Officer Zachary Lawrence                                    442-6511

Officer Adam Fisher                                             442-6512
Officer (Vacant)

Officer (Vacant)

DETECTIVES                    448-8805



Lieutenant Matthew Isham                              448-1816  
Assistant Prosecutor Mark Pierce                   442-1274    


Dept. Secretary Annette Dauphinais              442-1256
Dept. Secretary Sarah Pusey                         442-1255

COMMUNICATIONS        448-1212

Thomas LaPointe


Not budgeted for 2013


Not budgeted for 2013